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Get Rid of Cheap Acrylic Kitchen Shutter Products Once and for all and choose Woodkraft’s High Gloss Acrylic Shutter- A testament to quality. The Finest Choice of Interior Designer and Architect
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What Goes into Crafting the Best?


Tailored for you, applying the actual science of making living beautiful.

raw material

Raw Materials

Ethically sourced from leading brands.


Precision engineered and fully automated for zero defects.

Quality Checks

Woodkraft Acrylic Shutters withstand wear and tear.


Protected well, all modules reach your space safely.


Delivered quickly with trustworthy logistic partners.

Core Material We Use

  • Your kitchen goes through a lot. Superior quality materials at the core ensure it lasts a lifetime.


  • Pre-Laminated HDHMR
  • Optical Grade Acrylic

Why Choose Woodkraft #ApnaQuality Kitchen Shutter?

High-Gloss Acrylic Sheets

95% Transparent and Harder than Glass. Durable, reflective & mirror-like glossy finish. It comes in a range of bright colours.

AntiBubble Technology

Woodkraft Acrylic shutter gives you a smooth, seamless and zero bubble finish.

Fast Delivery

With Woodkraft get quality acrylic shutter products on-time.

Weather Resistant and Retain Colour:

Repels moisture from entering the core. UV resistant property retains glossiness, long-lasting finish.

Precision Engineered Manufacturing

With an automated process error-free acrylic kitchen shutter.

5 Year Warranty

Our Word is Our Bond along with buffing service guaranteed.

A Grade Mark

Ideal choice for kitchen shutters and cabinets. A Grade acrylic thickness: 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2.7mm, 3.7mm.

Optical Grade Acrylic

Best optical clarity and provides total luminous transmittance.

5.5 Hardness

The hardness scale of the acrylic board is 5.5. Acrylic is harder and more difficult to break. Compared to glass

Woodkraft Acrylic Shutter Specifications

Core Material Back LayerFront LayerEdge

18MM Thick HDHMR BoardSelf Colour – Pre Laminated Back Paint – High Gloss Acrylic Sheet. Handle Matching Colour Acrylic Edge un seen from front. Handle in natural veneer options are also available. Thickness of Shutter 19mm, 20mm, 21mm.

Acrylic Shutter Colour Shades

48 Colour Shades

Size Available

8’ x 4’

Thickness Available

1.5mm, 2.7mm and 4mm

Finish Type

High Gloss

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