Choose Kitchen Colour Shades Like A Modular Kitchen Designer

Choose Kitchen Colour Shades Like A Modular Kitchen Designer

Colours are an important element in our life, especially in interior design. Since it directly affects how we perceive space and consequently our mood and emotions. 

Colour psychology is something that is often overlooked in the design of kitchens. Interior designers know how important it is to choose the right colours so that the kitchen gives out the right vibe. 

This blog shows you on How to select the best colors for kitchen cabinets. Colour tips for small kitchen and large kitchen, type of colour combinations for lower and top cabinets. 

Choosing Kitchen Colours – The Basics

Choosing kitchen colours is a confusing task. In the furniture industry, there are different materials available: PVC, Laminate, and acrylic sheets – Which have varieties of colour shades to choose from. 

More Options- More Confusion: The Paradox of Choice. 

While selecting colours we are often confused about the durability of colours, what are all the trending colours? And you would want something that is timeless and doesn’t go out of vogue in years to come. 

Minimal Design is the New Normal. 

Across the furniture, fashion, and creative industry – The latest approach has been towards minimal design. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

Types of Kitchen Colour Combination

1. Single Colour Kitchen

Single Colour Kitchen

You may wonder how a single-color kitchen would accentuate the overall look of the kitchen. 

Have a glimpse at these single-color kitchen references: The beauty of a single-color kitchen has been designed very smartly. The handles, splashback, and countertop are contrasting to the single-color kitchen. 

While going with a single color kitchen plan out the interplay of colors between your shutter handles, walls, floor, countertops as well as appliances.

2. Two-Tone Kitchen

Two-Tone Kitchen
Two-tone colour schemes in kitchen design are all the rage right now! It’s more fresh, calm, and grabs attention.

You can choose a combination of a primary color (like red, blue, yellow, etc.) and a neutral color (like white, beige, taupe, black, etc), or maybe two contrasting colors, or even two neutral colors. Common color schemes which are quite popular and look good are black and red (bold and elegant), blue and white (cool and pleasant), or yellow and grey (bright and contemporary).

Combine Finishes- Along with two colors, mixing two different finishes can also be a good idea. High Glossy acrylic shutter with matte finish walls and countertops will create an interesting interplay of textures. 

Aim for Balance: 

While opting for a two-color scheme aiming for color balance and finishes is of utmost importance. 

Avoid using darker colors on higher cabinets as they can be quite distracting and dominate the palette. Lighter shades on top and darker shades on lower kitchen cabinets will make the kitchen look more pleasant, spacious, and clutter-free and also result in easy cleaning, and will prevent normal wear and tear. 

Indian kitchens must be immune to oil spills and curry stains. Hence darker shades are used for base cabinets and lighter shades for top cabinets to ensure easy maintenance. 

3. Sandwich Pattern

Pastels + Pop of Texture: 

Sandwich Pattern - woodkraft kitchen

Pastels never go out of fashion. This year will be no exception to this norm. You can pair pastels with solid textures in monochrome or earthy shades. Wherein the lower and loft cabinets are of the same shades. And the middle-level tiles/cabinets can complement the shades. 

best color for kitchen cabinets in india

Go for cabinets in soft pastel shades and add depth with a backsplash made of textured tiles and Moroccan flooring without giving a loud design. 

Kitchen With Monochromatic Colours or Highlights 

Kitchen With Monochromatic Colours or Highlights

Monochromes are a popular choice when it comes to medium-sized kitchens. 

You can even highlight the specific area in a contrasting way- Which will add a unique appearance to your kitchen design. Either use ascent colors like white, ivory. 

monochromatic combination kitchen design

This subtle colour combination creates a contemporary look and can open up space. This is also a great way to incorporate black into your kitchen. 

A monochromatic combination of black and white is classy, modern and will keep your kitchen from looking cramped. You can also opt for monochromes in neutral colour palettes like greys and beiges. 


Interior designers have the benefit of being able to see an entire room, and all the different pieces in it, so they can make an informed decision about the palette. 

We hope that our blog has provided some insight into many different colours that you can use in a kitchen – and we hope you find the perfect combination for your home!

With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your kitchen and make it a beautiful space with ease. So what are you waiting for? Get inspired by the colour shades shared in this blog. 

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