What is Edge Banding: How HOMAG helps with the perfect finish

What is Edge Banding: How HOMAG Helps With The Perfect Finish

If you want to know some interesting insights about these wonder strips head-on and give it a read. Educate yourself and share the information with your potential customer. 

Edge Banding

The process of covering the raw edges of wood panels with a thin strip of wood, PVC, or resinous material is called edge banding.

The narrow strips themselves are known as edge bands. Commercially, edge banding is done using industry-grade heat applicators and a hot-melt adhesive. For modular furniture, the material used is mostly PVC which is easy to fix and has a long life. 

What are Edge Bands?

Edge Bands are the thin strips (wonder strips which do wonder) that go on to the end of raw wood boards to cover it up by giving a best finishing look. 

In Woodkraft, edge banding is available in a variety of thickness which ranges from 1mm, 0.7mm and even beyond that. As per the product need and material finish. 

How Does Edge Banding Protect The Furniture? 

Edge banding protects the wooden panels in your furniture from moisture, thus reducing the effects of atmospheric humidity and liquid spills. This means that the strength and durability of the wood increases.

If you’ve seen furniture being made, you might have noticed that wooden boards have a raw edge when cut. This raw edge, if left uncovered, can pose serious problems for the furniture. It’s the second step of the furniture manufacturing process. 

God is in details – While buying any furniture it’s important for the consumer to notice the product from each end. Most consumers just look at the outer beauty of the product and make the purchasing decision. While most importantly attention needs to be given upon the front layer, back layer and core material. Which decides the strength, durability and quality of the product. 

Edge Banding is a Saviour For Furniture: 

Apart from looking unsightly and scratching the skin if someone bumps into them, these exposed edges allow moisture to seep in, which in turn makes the wood warp and become lumpy. To prevent these issues, edge bands is the saviour– 

As they say “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Edge bands are placed on the end of raw wood boards to cover the ends and thus seal it from moisture and which gives the product a more refined and matched look. 

Which Machinery is used in the process of Edge Banding and How is the edge banding applied? 

We at Woodkraft use Brand New Machines one of it is HOMAG Edge banding machines –  German technology. 

Fully automated machine for excellent flexibility and easy adjustment which reduces the production time and gives the best output. 

HOMAG provides first-class edge processing solutions for a wide range of processes and materials with extreme accuracy and precision.

What is Edge Banding: How HOMAG Helps With The Perfect Finish

Essentially, an edge band is a thin strip of impermeable Rehau PVC, acrylic, or as per the material being used that is cut to fit the size of a wood panel. It is then applied to the raw edge using a strong adhesive. A heat roller is then used to melt the adhesive and glue the edge band over the wood.

The ends are trimmed flush and bent so that they cover the material and do not have any sharp ends. Any surplus glue is scraped off and the finished edge is buffed to give a flawless finish.

A local carpenter doesn’t have the functionality and technology within their reach. That’s the difference between a manufacturer’s edge banding expertise v/s carpentry edge banding

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If Edge Bands Are Glued To Wood, Won’t They Come Off Easily?

The most frequently used glues for edge banding is PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) and PA (Polyamide) hot-melt glues. These are pliable under high temperatures. They are also durable and tough under low temperatures. They dry clear and most importantly are water-resistant. 

A good manufacturer will always make sure their pieces have the original branded glue for edge bands which will keep them from coming off and chipping easily. 

We at Woodkraft use Jowat Adhesives. 

When you are making your purchase, you should ask the manufacturer or furniture provider what kind of glue they use in the process of edge banding? 

We at Woodkraft use Jowat Adhesives.

Are There Different Edge Bands For Different Materials?

Yes. While you can use PVC bands for almost any type of wood, the thickness of the band will differ. It is important to use the right band for a particular material to ensure strength and durability and precise finishing. 

Edge banding can be made of different materials including PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood or wood veneer. 

Which Edge Banding is the best?

There are a variety of edge bands available in the market; from pre-glued ones to 3D acrylic tapes. The best one for your furniture depends on the type of material your furniture is made of. 

At Woodkraft, we craft edge bands in our unit itself. We customize according to the material being used. We offer a diverse range of finishes and patterns ranging from acrylic, PVC to solid finishes are available – You just name it we’ve got it covered. 

Hope this article has given you an insight at what goes into the edge banding process. 

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In case you have further doubts about edge banding, do leave a comment and we would be happy to answer your queries.

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