How is Woodkraft Better Than Your Local Carpenter? In 13 Different Ways!

Top 13 Reasons Dealers Choose a WOODKRAFT Kitchen brands

Currently, for most homeowners, kitchen interiors are a high-value purchase. 

“In fact, most Indian homeowners get their interiors done just once in a lifetime or once in a blue moon they renovate their house.”

And the main part is planning for kitchen interiors and organizers. As per our research, That statistic tells a lot about how the decision is made; very carefully and after extensive research.

Most of them rely on local carpenters. Well, it’s not an easy choice, given that carpenters have always been the go-to people who are near our locality and there are many such carpenters surrounding all over the places. 

A carpenter-made kitchen is built from scratch by locally available carpenters. From design to execution single-handedly. Traditionally most homeowners approach the local carpenters when making kitchens. They follow the traditional method of building a kitchen and depend solely on their skills and capabilities, limited tools, and resources. 

But when it comes to unmatched quality, durability, design, precision, customization, warranty, assembly, and cost. Factory-made kitchen products are the best available in the market. Because we choose the best and right raw materials, advanced machines, original adhesives, color shades, and after-sales service. 

Why you must choose Woodkraft Kitchen
Manufactured Product

So, if you’re wondering why you must choose Woodkraft Kitchen Shutters and Cabinets over other options, we can give not one but 14 different reasons! We give you the best when it comes to quality, cost, and service. 

The assurance of quality, service, technology and cost leads this list of reasons by a huge margin, but let’s put things in context first by taking it one step at a time. 

Why you must choose Woodkraft Kitchen Manufactured Product

What Makes Woodkraft Different? 

1. Private Limited Company

Well-capitalized Manufacturing Company with Best Company Location

Situated right at the heart of the fastest-growing hub in Dombivli. The state–of–the–art manufacturing unit is spread over 4000 sq. ft area. 

  • Well-established location for maximum market reach, connectivity, social conveniences. 
  • Our online address is also a major element for the long term strategy. Enables you to enquire about us anytime and anywhere. 

2. Excellent Products

No Compromise On Quality and Products. We ensure high quality and customer satisfaction in manufacturing. Strength 4 Life: Maximum Precision, 100% detect free, Smooth Finish and Uniform Thickness. 

3. Mainly Focused on Services 

Apart from including the whole gamut of manufacturing capabilities, Woodkraft also has a vast range of clientele, from residential to commercial, from retail to organizational. This unique combination allows Woodkraft to offer a wide variety of highly customized, in-built kitchen shutters and cabinets with the best-in-class quality and after-sales service. 

4. Committed To Deliver

Our Word is Our Bond – We are not 100% Sure – We are 101% Assure when it comes to commitment. 

5. Reasonable Rates

We provide products at reasonable rates which is a smarter option for the long run. 

6. We procure raw materials from the leading brands and provide Top-Notch Finishing

Our range of kitchen shutter finishes: 

  • Acrylic
  • Laminate
  • PU Coated
  • Solid and Metallic 

Since the inception of the company, we have always aimed to keep quality at the highest possible levels for all our products; hence we procure items from the best. 

Action TESA HDHMR is being used as our core material in the making of kitchen shutters and cabinets. And our Acrylic Materials are Imported from Shinkolite Brand in Thailand.

Why high gloss finished acrylic shutter is becoming a popular choice?

Our products are machine pressed with special adhesives for perfect alignment and strength and provide edge banding which gives the product durability and aesthetically pleasing trim edges during the finishing process. 

 7. State-of-the-art Technology 

Equipped with the most sophisticated German machines and technology. 

Because of this, we are able to manufacture kitchen shutters and cabinets every month without any defects. While maintaining consistent quality throughout the process. 

8. Quick Turnaround Production

We take Quick Turnaround Production into our major consideration which eventually gives you the best results. 

  • Save your time
  • Increase Productivity
  • Stand out among the competition 
  • Deliver quick custom work that won’t break the bank
  • Grow your business and increase profitability

9. Industry Experts With Over 15+years of Experience 

With skilled craftsmen, production managers, and quality control professionals who have vast experience and knowledge about the kitchen shutter and cabinets manufacturing industry.

10. Flexible Transport & Logistic Services

Flexible transport and logistic services – Our Cargo partner has covered the solutions to help you find the optimal balance between speed and cost.

11. Ethical Leadership Followers 

We as a whole in Woodkraft right from Directors to Craftsmen. We are bound by business ethics which are based upon performance, quality, respect, integrity and responsibility, honesty, openness, and courtesy.

12. Partnerships with Best Dealers:

We partner with architects, kitchen decorators, and modular designers. They know more about the home interiors and kitchen better than no one else. Which is the reason why they are able to come up with varied layout and customization which in return gives the modular kitchen a ravishing look. Who guides the customer throughout the purchasing decision to installation and after-sales service. 

13. Building Trustworthy Relationships The best relationship is between Dealers And Companies.

It takes 20 years to build a relationship, reputation and it just takes 5 minutes to ruin it. We are over here to create enduring relationships and personal connections

It’s the essence of our brand and will continue to grow. No compromise when it comes to building a strong relationship and reputation. 


While carpenters construct, install, and repair structures and furniture they follow traditional methods of building kitchens. Visualization can be a task with carpenters. They don’t have much exposure to technology. The finish is a concern when it comes to carpenter-made kitchens since it is all done by hand. 

If you have ever worked with a carpenter earlier, you already know that there’s a considerable amount of running around that is involved in this process. It’s a long and tedious process. 

You need to be on your toes most of the time and the constant following will become a part of your daily schedule. It’s hard for them to procure the best raw materials, advanced machines, original adhesives, colour shades, skilled and dedicated professionals. 

So, have you ever thought, after all this running around, do you get a guarantee of superior quality furniture and installation? 

Carpenters will make sure that your furniture and fittings are sturdy and that the overall structure looks good. But have you ever thought about the various types of testing that your furniture could go through? Maybe your carpenter or contractor is not the best person to do all this.

At Woodkraft we manufacture the best quality kitchen shutter and cabinet products. And our partners i.e Our architects, kitchen decorators, modular designers provide ready-to-cook modular kitchens delivered quickly.

“Samajdar jaante hai factory-made products hai Sahi”

Choose wisely and cook happily with Woodkraft’s #ApnaQuality Kitchen Shutters and Cabinets. 

Thank You!

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