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Nowadays every homeowner must have been facing the dilemma of whether to go for a modular or carpenter-made kitchen. 

Well, it’s not an easy choice, given that carpenters have always been the go-to people who are near our locality and there are many such carpenters surrounding all over the places. but factory-made modular designs seem to have a better finish. Here’s our view on the modular kitchen vs carpenter-made kitchens debate. We hope this gives you all the answers you are looking for.

Special Message To Our Dealers:

We dedicate this informative blog especially to our modular kitchen dealers whose quality work needs to get noticed in such a crowded marketplace. So that your work gets appreciated, people know about your work and the worth associated with your product and total output. 

We have crafted this blog to break the myth about why modular kitchens are too expensive and other such notions attached to modular kitchen work. 

Since people are not aware of modular kitchens and carpenter-made kitchens’ differences, pros, and cons. It becomes our responsibility to educate them properly and explain them in an easy-to-understand format to which they can relate easily.

What is Modular Kitchen?

What is Modular Kitchen?

The word “Modules” defines a unit of different things that forms a part of something bigger, regarding completeness. Similarly Modular Kitchen is a modern kitchen design that involves the organisation of sub-assemblies or distinct units like cabinets, cupboards, drawers, etc which are then integrated and fitted into a single, holistic system which are completely dismantlable.

The beauty lies in the decomposition of complex systems into simple units, which simulates better efficiency and flexibility at the site of installation. 

Modular Kitchen drawer

Modular Kitchen is also known as Factory Made/ Automated/ Modular Kitchens. 

Modular kitchen imbibes the qualities of space management, modern design, international design to indian functionality. Modular kitchen design adds value to home in terms of space management, cost effective installation, easy maintenance & repair, variation and customization, remodelling and flexibility.  

History of Modular Kitchen:

The trend of Modular kitchens in India started in the early 2000s. Before that, Indians used to follow the traditional way of cooking. 

Have a look at the pictures, you will relate yourself how the kitchen has evolved over the centuries. And still continues to evolve. 

Evolution of Indian Kitchen

History of Modular Kitchen

Evolution of Indian Kitchen - Wkk

Evolution of Indian Kitchen WKK

Evolution of Indian Kitchen - WOODKRAFTKICTEHN

When globalization started in Indian in the early 1990s-2000s. People got more exposure, more drastic development took place in India. Most of us started developing into a more westernized world. And got exposed to European and foreign people’s way of kitchen making. 

While European people have been exposed to modular kitchens for a very long time. As their labour cost is expensive. They mostly tend to prefer factory-made and ready-to-install modular kitchens as per their tastes and preferences are given. 

During 2018-19 the modular kitchen market has been growing consistently with 25-30% of the market share. That’s when many European/foreign brands invaded into Indian market conditions. 

Designing a kitchen is particularly challenging in India as per different states and cities. As you see in India, Our language, culture, lifestyle, and eating habits change every 50-100 km.

Even the style of cooking is also quite different from place to place. Hence modular kitchen designers and carpenters also have evolved and conditioned as per the region, needs, and demands of the people living in that region.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen is running on-demand in the market, it has its own pros and cons. You can pick what you want for your kitchen and optimize it to make the most of a compact space. 

At Woodkraft our Modular Kitchen experts are those who know the value of kitchen planning, factory-made products and are technology driven. They are expert kitchen planners and designers.  


Proper Planning: Modular Kitchen decorators/designers always start off with planning the project as per the needs and requirements of their clients. Clearly understanding the space, navigating the project area. All of them work in an organised manner. 

Kitchen Design Professionals – They know more about the kitchen and its interior better than no one else. Which is the reason why they are able to come up with varied layout and customization which in return gives the modular kitchen a ravishing look. 

Easy to maintain and Repair: 

It’s best quality materials which are termite resistant, high moisture & water resistant, environmental friendly, smooth surface and since its parts can be detached makes it easy to clean. 

Easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble the modules of a modular kitchen and can easily carry them with you if you shift homes. 

Original Product – Factory made products are always the better option as it maintains the product quality and durability. Durability and the product quality depends on the type of material and adhesives used in the making. Since a modular kitchen is factory made, it ensures a fuss-free and neat installation at site.

Better Storage: Storage is never a problem with modular kitchens, since customers get customised storage options with a designated space for everything. Wherein people can include bottle-racks, cutlery organisers, a corner carousel that makes use of the otherwise inaccessible corners of the kitchen and so on.

Cost: Comparatively expensive because of  added values, quality, finish, and offers customized storage options. 

Quality aur Jhakaas Finish hamesha price ke saath milta hai that’s the reason it stays long along with other added benefits and services anytime and anywhere. 

Endless choices: There are many options to choose from, in terms of colours, finishes and countertop materials for the modular kitchen. These kitchens can be fabricated and installed within four to six weeks.


(There are no such disadvantages when it comes to a modular kitchen: It’s just about the feasibility and viable options) Let it be any product everyone has got their point of view and opinion at the end of the day it is up to the consumers choice and how well they are aware of both the options. 

  • A modular kitchen is more expensive than a carpenter-made kitchen. Because quality, durability, and ad-on benefits and services always come with reasonable rates. 
  • Once the modular kitchen design is finalized and the kitchen goes into production, no changes can be incorporated. It’s always better to share your thoughts and suggestions before it gets into the making stage. 
  • Do not go for modular kitchens made with ordinary raw materials like MDF or particleboard. Choose the raw materials and other accessories wisely because this material may disintegrate when exposed to moisture and the hinges may loosen over time. 

Carpenter-made Kitchen: 

Also familiar with Semi-Modular/ Non-Modular/ Civil Kitchens. 

When it comes to a semi-modular and civil kitchen: Woodkraft’s Partners in shared success- i.e our Modular Kitchen experts provide holistic kitchen solutions. They are well-versed and experienced in any kind of kitchen project. They love what they do, and do what they love. That’s the reason why they are “The Kitchen Experts

Carpenter-made Kitchen

A carpenter-made kitchen is built from scratch by locally available carpenters. From design to execution single-handedly. Crafts it according to his experience and tries his best to meet the desires of consumers. Traditionally most homeowners approach the local carpenters when making kitchens. They follow the traditional method of building a kitchen and depend solely on their skills and capabilities, limited tools, and resources. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpenter-made kitchen

Advantages of Carpenter-made kitchen

Having understood what a carpenter-made kitchen is, it is also essential to understand the pros and cons of it. While you know that all your work is done by human hands, increasing the chances of errors, do you know it all? 


  • Carpenters are locally available and easier to approach under a few meters. 
  • Budget-friendly options because these carpenters are comparatively more flexible with pricing. Which has its own set of consequences. 
  • They are always open for custom options and alterations can be negotiated when the kitchen work is in progress. The quality check can be done by yourself as they will be doing most of the work in your house itself. 


Disadvantages of Carpenter-made kitchen
  • The final product output of the kitchen mainly depends on the skill and workmanship of the team of carpenters. As they have limited tools and resources to match your demands which you have seen in some magazines or searched on Pinterest. 
  • As the kitchens are fabricated at the residence, a lot of chaos, noise, and dust is generated at home, which can be the biggest concern for the homeowner. As it causes a lot of inconvenience and trouble for a longer duration. 
  • Slow turnaround of the project – Carpenter-made kitchen can take between six to eight weeks or more for completion.
  • There is no proper planning. As they don’t have any state-of-the-art technology to carry out the project with precision. 
  • Have a look at the materials and adhesives being used in the work. As the consumers are clueless and don’t know about the difference between MDF, HDF, HDHMR, and the finish used. People get easily cheated when it comes to using the right materials for the right applications.
  • The cost of a carpenter-made kitchen keeps on fluctuating and may vary from the original estimate if there is a change in the choice of materials, slow progress in the work by the carpenters, and delay in procuring the raw materials. 

Carpentered kitchens can also work as semi-modular kitchens. Modular kitchen accessories can be purchased separately so that the carpenter can fix and install the kitchen accessories in the cabinets and drawers of the kitchen. 

Modular Kitchen vs Carpenter Made Kitchen: 

Modular Kitchen 
It’s manufactured in factories in the form of ready-to-install modules that are easy to transport and assemble at the site. They will give you a sense of what your kitchen will look like with 3D designs.   
Carpenter Made Kitchen
Built from scratch from locally available carpenters. From design to execution they follow traditional methods of building kitchens. 
Visualization can be a task with carpenters. They don’t have much exposure to technology.  
FinishFlawless factory-made finish and remains consistently good. Hand-made finish: Finish is a concern when it comes to carpenter made kitchens since it is all done by hand
CostComparatively expensive because of added values, quality, finish and offers customized storage options. Costs keep fluctuating with carpenters – They are flexible with pricing. 

Assembly Modulars can be assembled and disassembled. Pre-built and cannot be assembled or disassembled. 
Easy To CleanIt’s best quality materials which are termite resistant, high moisture & water resistant, environmental friendly, smooth surface and since its parts can be detached makes it easy to clean. Fixed parts make these kitchens tough to clean. 

Special Message to our Modular Kitchen Experts: 

If anyone wants their work to get noticed by Woodkraft’s Audience, feel free to share your modular kitchen designs, semi-modular kitchens, civil kitchens, kitchen interiors, or any sorts of work related to the kitchen.

We will upload it to the Woodkraft Kitchen social media page and update it within this blog section.


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Happy Family - Woodkraft kitchen

When it comes to the comparison of modular vs carpenter-made kitchens, the first option is way better than the latter in terms of quality, finishes, and variety. Because the name itself suggests their kitchen designing expertise and professionalism. 

Cooking in the kitchen is no more a regular chore but an experience to be shared with your family, friends, bachelorette. 

Dinner at a house is no longer a table that has food waiting to be served. But a conversation of hosts and guests both helping in the kitchen at the same time with ease and a lot more space.

Cooking is no longer a hassle, as it has been turned into a model of utility and convenience. Modular kitchen has enough space for a family to enjoy a meal on their island platform and enough storage to fit a pantry and a verandah!

But, carpenter-made kitchens are the clear choice if you can deal with fluctuating costs and the task of dealing with carpenters. Make a wise choice after consulting with a designer and carpenter to get a clearer picture.

At Woodkraft our modular kitchen designers provide ready-to-cook modular kitchens delivered quickly.

Samajdar jaante hai modular kitchen hai sahi!

Choose wisely and cook happily.

Thank you

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