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In this article, we’ll be explaining HDHMR and Plywood’s manufacturing process, types, applications, interesting facts, and much more. 

HDHMR vs Plywood

HDHMR vs Plywood is one of the most sought after topics in the industry. At the end of it, you will find out which product is the first choice for interior designers, architects and homemakers? 

But before that, let’s rewind a little backwards on how the products have evolved, which new product categories have emerged, products in-demand currently. 

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Human evolution and many other technological advances have changed over time and kept on evolving. Accordingly, people started adapting and going along with the current needs and supplies available in the market.  

Similarly, our living space, furniture, kitchen interiors and exterior designs have evolved as per the changing needs of the consumers and as per the western influence. 

But the core raw materials used remains constant – 

Wood comes in usage for both interior and exterior design. Since the beginning. As civilization evolved, so did the use of wood. Advances in manufacturing opened up the ability to use wood in even more utilities. Fast forward through time, woodwork became a sought-after skill. 

Now we’re seeing it more and more as an accent material, introducing decorative designs and unique furniture pieces to interiors around the world. 

Such is the scenario with a product category. Plywood has been our go-to option for fixed furniture for decades now. Due to its popularity, many homeowners are currently seeking plywood as a substitute for solid wooden furniture, which is cost-effective and comes in different variants that are used in different applications. 

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Later stages of product category development: 

  • MDF 
  • HDF
  • MR Ply, Marine Ply, BWP (Boiling Water Proof), BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) 
  • HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistant) is the most demanded product compared to plywood in the present days. Currently, plywood growth is stagnant and not growing. To a larger extent, the Plywood market has been taken by HDHMR. 
  • Boilo 

Action Tesa was the first one who launched HDHMR and it was an instant hit in the market. Which is highly moisture resistant and tougher than any plywood available in the market. Turning out to be a substitute for ply. 

From then it’s been heard saying that some customers are enquiring directly about ‘Action wala HDHMR chahiye’. Action Tesa has become synonymous with many of its products and HDHMR is one of its innovative products. 

But still, there are many Indian customers, who are not fully aware of the difference between different types of plywood available in the market and how HDHMR stands out amongst them? 

So here is a detailed low-down on what you need to know!

Manufacturing Process of Plywood: 

Plywood is an engineered wood which is also known as plyboard made by glueing together thin layers of wood (commonly known as ply/plies), which is bonded together with a resin under high pressure. 

Thus creating a thick, strong and flexible flat sheet. The quality of the ply depends upon the wood being used. 

Plywood may be made from hardwoods and softwoods 

Softwoods: Pine, Redwood or Cedar etc. 

Hardwoods: Teakwood, Gurjan, Ash, Maple, Mahogany, Oak, and Teak or it can be a combination of both softwood and hardwood. 

Types of Plywood

 There are over various types of plywood distinguished based on the type of wood used, application and process. However, let us concentrate on the three basic types which are most commonly used in Indian space i.e  MR ply, BWR and BWP ply and Marine ply other plies such as fire-safe ply, shuttering ply and architectural grade ply. 

1. Commercial plywood

It is mostly preferred in dry areas like living rooms, study rooms, offices, etc. It is most commonly used to make furniture, as wall paneling, partitioning, etc.

2. MR Ply

MR which means Moisture Resistant. It has good resistance to moisture in damp and humid conditions, making it a favorite material in tropical areas. However, this is not waterproof. 

The disadvantage of this product is that it will emit fumes, a pungent smell because it is an emission of urea. Usually, you would be able to sense in the local plywood store as it doesn’t have the best quality adhesive used. But it is not water-resistant or waterproof the layers will start separating apart, after a certain period of time. Because the adhesive gets dissolved and the product hence loses its durability and strength.  

3. BWP Ply (Boiling Water Proof Ply) 

“Ply mein koi paani ubalta nahi hai but iska standard hai quality check karne.”

Often customers come up with queries regarding water-resistant furniture plywood. BWP ply has a limit to which it can resist moisture. There are few ways of exposing waterproof outdoor furniture constantly will eventually make it lose its shine, strength and durability. 

Plasticizers, Resins and Adhesives make it waterproof to a certain extent. 

BWR sheets are used for bathrooms as they are waterproof or can be used in kitchens wherever the water exposure is on the higher side. 

BWR Ply (Boiling Water Resistant) 

BWR stands for Boiling Water Resistant and indicates that the plywood in question is resistant to water. A few spills won’t hurt the furniture, more than a certain amount will cause trouble to the furniture. 

4. Marine Ply

Marine ply – Associated with water. Marine plywood is of superior quality and is waterproof to a great extent. so much so that it can be used to build boats and whatnot. This is not something that water-resistant plywood can ever match. But most of us take it for granted by associating it with BWP/BWR plywood. Super suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. 

Other plywoods are such as Fire safe ply, Shuttering ply, Architectural grade ply and Flexi ply. 

Adhesive Used in Premium Plywood

  • Ordinary plywood doesn’t have water resistance and weather resistance, the wood being used, adhesives and resins are sub-standard. The product may not come in the long run. 
  • IS 710 Plywood – Adhesives used Phenol Grade/ Plasticizers. So by using it waterproof properties are generated and the layers never come apart.
  • IS 303 Plywood – Urea Based (MUF)

Size and Thickness of Plywood: 

Panel Size: 8*4 

Durability is proportional to thickness. The thickness of the sheet is determined by the ply. More ply creates a thicker and stronger board.

  • 3-ply: These sheets range from 2 to 3 mm: Most common type of plywood for home interiors, 
  • 5-ply: 4mm to 25mm thick works great for indoor or outdoor furniture and decorative boards.
  • Multi-ply: This plywood has 7 or more layers. Which generally comes in the work of roofing. 

Screw Holding Capacity: Ordinary Plywood has a very low Density of 600-750 Kg/M3 – Hence its screw holding capacity is not so good as compared to the Tougher HDHMR. Only top-graded plywood has a good screw holding strength. Especially ISI 710 Grade plywood has a density of 850 and above. Other standard plywood doesn’t have such a high hold capacity. Sub-standard plywood tends to bend and sag from the centre. 

Termite Resistant:

Most of the plywood is not termite and borer resistant. Termites are always in the search for cellulose which is to be found in wood. The plywood is pressure-treated that’s so to some extent it can be termite resistant. Plywood made up of softwood like redwood is prone to termites. 

ISO 303 Grade Plywood – 10 years durability. 

ISI 710 Grade Plywood – Durability and Stays long for more than 25 years. 

Works well for making cabinet structure. 

Can also be used in shutters but if the ply isn’t calibrated a bubble-like form can start to appear. It is because of localized failure of the adhesive used to attach the layers of veneer together. Moisture easily seeps into the wood through an unfinished side or through pinholes in the finish and dampens the surfaces and layers, causing it to expand.

Best Plywood Brands in India: 

  • Greenply
  • Century
  • Duro

When it comes to plywood there are many non-organised players in the market. It’s quite difficult to test the quality and reliability of such brands. Because there isn’t much integrity and transparency in how they process their products and the kind of material that goes into the play. 

HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistance) Board

HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistant) Board

HDHMR is made by combining fibre chips, forest wood waste through a homogeneous construction process. These fibre chips are pressed together to form a single layer, removing small wood content to form a robust higher density board. The density of the product is better than other products available in the market. 

HDHMR unmatched quality & endless application is revolutionizing the Indian interiors industry by replacing plywood. 

Action Tesa is the first brand that succeeded in introducing HDHMR and it was an instant hit in the market. It is now the most preferred in both home & office furniture segments. 

HDHMR is indigenously and exclusively manufactured and supplied by Action Tesa in India. 

Action Tesa’s HDHMR is a substitute for plywood.

Action Tesa HDHMR is manufactured using hardwood hence its density is greater than any other products available in the market. 

Uniform density & compact core gives it the best routing characteristics gradient –  Achieved by using special German Technology for MAT formation (Multi-Dimensional Bonding Technology) & 8 cylinders, 18 daylight press-the 1st in India.  

Action Tesa’s HDHMR is a substitute of ply: (Tougher than Plywood)

It is highly moisture resistant, which makes it a popular choice in extreme climatic conditions or areas. These boards are Borer & Termite Resistant which makes them a wise choice over plywood. These boards have a uniform density gradient & compact core, achieved by using special German Technology for MAT formation. Thus imparting the best routing characteristics, Capable of producing a wide thickness range from 1.9mm to 45mm in multiple sizes. 

The main USP of HDHMR is High Density & High Moisture Resistant- Other than that the below mentioned are the HDHMR board advantages: 

HDHMR Product Advantages

  1. Tougher than plywood
  2. Highly water-resistant: Can be used in highly moist areas and climate
  3. Hard Wood used for higher density of product (made from eucalyptus wood)
  4. No Core Gaps – Ideal routable substrate with sharp cut & routed edges
  5. Uniform density gradient and Compact core – Enhanced screw and withdrawal strength
  6. Special Glue being used to make it Water Resistant Product as per Indian climate conditions. 
  7. Ready & Smooth Surface – Polish with exotic colours of choices. Absorbs less paint in the painting process thus saves paint cost also. 
  8. Innovative Application – Enhanced aesthetic value addition to finished product. 
  9. Cost-Effective Paneling Solution

The Key Applications of HDHMR: 

  • Kitchen Shutters
  • Door Shutters 
  • Cafeterias 
  • Gyms
  • Desks and Lockers
  • Hospital 
  • Office and Residential Area
  • Perfect substitute for flush doors
  • Furniture where the risk of moisture exist
  • Packing Industry
  • Panels 
  • Outdoor Fixtures

HDHMR board has a multi-dimensional bond with single layer glue architecture, which provides higher moisture resistance compared to normal plywood products. It falls on the premium and high quality loaded with most of the specification. Best quality always comes along with the price. Action Tesa HDHMR gives a 7 years warranty. 

The density of HDHMR is 850kg/m3. As its name suggests High density is achieved through the combination of the hardwood particle board along with the special glue pressing technique. These hardwood particles when pressed through the glue, they form a unique water resistance layer through the board. It is taking the place of plywood in the kitchen and also can be used in laminated flooring. 

Termite, Borer, Fungus, Water Resistant: 

Due to the pressing technique, small unusable particles get removed from these boards

which makes them termite-free too. If you are using an HDHMR board then there is no need to worry about termites lifelong. 

Real Fact of HDHMR: 

Even if you keep this product underwater for 10 days there would be zero defects. HDHMR is a revolutionary product. #AbRaheBefikar you don’t need to worry about termites, borer and fungus anymore. 

Environmental Friendly: 

The construction process of the HDHMR board uses fibre chips extracted from plantation trees, agriculture waste and 95% of forest wood waste. This environmentally friendly process excludes the hardwood peeled trunk which is being used majorly in the blockboard and plywood.

Product Specification: 

Thickness – 3mm, 5,5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 16.75mm, 18mm & 25mm

Panel Size : 8ft *4ft

Pre-Laminated HDHMR Board – Ready to use board, no need to paste mica. 

HDHMR (High-Density High Moisture Resistant) Board

Action Tesa 3MM HDHMR: Perfect Solution for Doors: 

Perfect for door application. It’s a good substitute for core & flush doors and also a wise alternate option of raw door skins for designer doors. 3MM HDHMR has opened numerous avenues of value additions on flush doors viz. Innovative grooves on the surface, designing as per the choice of the customer, polishing with exotic choice matching door frames. 

  • Huge Surface Strength: Made from Eucalyptus Hardwood. 
  • Unique Finish: Jointless surface product gives a unique finish in the product. 
  • Ideal surface to paste the laminate thus no possibility of bubbles while pasting Laminates. It gives value to the Brand. 
  • Exclusive Block Boards and Door manufacturers need not invest in heavy machines like core dryers. 
  • Smooth Surface – This can be beautifully polished with various colours matching with door frames. 
  • Value for Money: Can apply Duco paint finish, No waviness and consumes less paint. 
  • High Water Resistant: Can be used in highly moist areas and climate. 

Applications Areas of 3MM HDHMR: 

  • Decorative display panels
  • Wooden Handicraft items/ toys and puzzles
  • Decorative Wall cladding in routed waveform or Jellies 
  • Educational Tools/Aids and casting for scientific instruments/Model making for civil construction 
  • Display/POP 
  • Gift items

Quick Tip: While using One side laminated – Use something in the back surface like laminate or something else. The balance should be maintained otherwise it can cause bend in some cases. Whether it is plywood or HDHMR don’t leave the one end plain. Keep it well balanced and proportionate so that no bending occurs. Because balance is the key to maintaining the aesthetics of your interiors without compromising on quality. 

HDHMR Door Ensure safety:

It is very difficult to punch a hole in an HDHMR Door and it’s a perfect surface for routing and engraving.

Action Tesa Introduces 32 mm HDHMR Board for doors

32mm HDHMR is the latest avatar for Door Industry. Best available substitute for flush doors and traditional doors. 

HDHMR Door is the best available substitute for Flush Doors & Traditional Doors. Because of the multidimensional bond, the HDHMR doors come with higher screw withdrawal strength & higher density than normal flush doors. 

Real Wood Strength & Application: 

  • Real Wood Structure: Solid structure from inside
  • Huge Surface Strength: Made from Eucalyptus hardwood
  • Ensure Safety: It is very difficult to punch a hole in the HDHMR door
  • Hassle-free Lock Installation
  • Can be cut into any size, horizontally or vertically as per requirement

Unique & Innovative Application of HDHMR Doors = Truly a NextGEN Doors

*Unique Finish: Jointless surface product gives a unique finish to the product. 

  • Best Routing and Engraving Surface: It can be made to any design as per architectures or customer choice. 
  •  No waviness: Ideal surface to paste laminate, veneer, or membrane…, etc.  
  • Highly water-resistant: Can be used in highly moist areas and climate

Also when talking about cost-effectiveness, HDHMR Doors takes over other board doors available in the market.


HDHMR vs Ordinary Plywood The Ultimate Comparison

HDHMR BoardsOrdinary Plywood 
Highly Borer & Termite Resistant Easy Prey & Termite 
Highly Water-resistant Non-Resistant to water
Uniform & Higher Density of more than 850 Kg/m3Non-uniform & low Density of 600-750 Kg/m3
Highly durable & tougher than plywood More tear & wear
Screw withdrawal strength edge: >350 
Screw withdrawal strength face: >450
Screw withdrawal strength edge: >200
Screw withdrawal strength edge: >325

Which is the Best HDHMR Brands to buy from? 

In a nutshell, Action Tesa HDHMR Board is the first choice for interior designers, architects and homemakers who want to have designer interiors and give a luxurious look to their house. It is better than any available plywood in India in terms of toughness, durability and longevity. 

Action Tesa HDHMR Boards have revolutionized the interior industry by extending aforestated inherent properties at a very nominal cost, thus replacing plywood rapidly across PAN India. The excellent performance of these boards has succeeded in overcoming the traditional myth pertaining to toughness and longevity as compared to plywood amongst the masses. 

We at Woodkraft manufacture kitchen shutters and cabinet which are made out of Action Tesa HDHMR boards. We believe in futuristic, innovative and revolutionary product solutions. Our team never compromise on providing quality kitchen products service and support to our dealers. So that the end customers get satisfied with the end result and never have to worry. 

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