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Now that you are thinking about a project, you’ll appreciate knowing the Cabinet Terminology associated in the making that Manufacturers, Designers and Dealers are talking about. 

While it can sound like a whole new language, we’ve added pictures and points to make it easy to understand.

Things you should know when your clients ask you about cabinets. 

If you jump into a conversation without knowing the basics, you could miss important details about your project. Hence this blog will help you out to get more clarity on kitchen cabinets. 

Ultimate Cabinet Terminology Guide

This is a basic kitchen cabinet layout. 

Wall Cabinets: 

Cabinets that are mounted on to the wall. Wall cabinets come in different heights, widths and shapes, so you can choose a combination that works for you. There’s a choice of colors and you’ll even find options with drawers.

Tall cabinets: 

Typically used for pantries, range from 84 to 94 inches tall. They provide plenty of space for dry goods or cleaning supplies.

Base Cabinets: 

A base cabinet is a cabinet built expressly for kitchens and bathrooms that rests on the floor and supports holds other items- Acts as a base countertops, sink and cooktop and provides large storage spaces. 

Box Construction: 

Box Construction

Face Frame -The structural portion of the cabinet to which doors are attached, consisting of both rails and stiles.

Frameless – In this type of cabinet, there are no face frames. Instead, the doors and drawers rest directly across the edges of the cabinet boxes, (The edge of the cabinet is covered up with laminate or veneers. And the door hinges are anchored to the sidewalls of the cabinets, often mortised into the side walls as “hidden” hinges. 

End Panel – The side of the cabinet that is grooved into the face frame and extends back to the wall.

Bottom – The floor of the cabinet. On a wall and tall cabinet, the same component is used as the top.

Back – The rear vertical surface used to mount the cabinet to the wall.

Adjustable Shelves – Horizontally placed storage surfaces that are adjusted by moving clips used to hold the shelf in place.

Toekick – The recessed toe space at the bottom of a base cabinet.

Cabinet Doors: 

Cabinet doors are the face of your kitchen remodel. Since they are a major visual component of the space, the look sets the tone for the kitchen.

Center Panel – The raised or flat panel in the middle of a door enclosed by stiles and rails.

Center Stile – Sometimes called a mullion, this is the raised rail in the middle of a door that is enclosed by stiles and rails.

Edge Profile – Shape put on the outside edge of a door or drawer front.

Rail – A horizontal framing member of a cabinet face frame or door.

Reveal – On a framed cabinet, the distance between the outside edge of the face frame and the outside edge of the door.

Stile – The vertical-framing members of a cabinet face frame or cabinet door.

Cabinet Drawers: 

It’s important to get quality cabinet drawers. The cabinet drawers are the most used part of your kitchen cabinetry and undergo a lifetime of persistent and consistent use.

Dovetail Joint – An interlocking corner joint where pins on one piece fit into sockets on a second piece and dovetail together.

Drawer Glide – The system used to support the drawer in a cabinet and provide opening/closing operation.

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